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Celebratory Life Transitions

There are joyous and celebratory life transitions that are also difficult and life-changing. Newborns are small, but they certainly turn your routine upside down. That is why a gift of household essentials would be most welcome and put to use. New Parents shouldn't have to worry about the day-to-day products when they're adjusting to a new family member and a new routine. We also have a variety of baby care items that you can use to customize a practical (Camellia or Sweetbriar) Compassion Package or you can send a self-care Compassion Package (Zinnia) comprised exclusively of bath and body items for the new parents and/or baby.

The Camellia and The Sweetbriar are also perfect for anyone who has just moved to a new apartment or house. Most of us have had the experience of closing up the moving van, turning to look at your new place and realizing that you have no idea which box the forks are in or where you packed the plates. These boxes would be a great 'Welcome Home' gift.