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About: Hey A**hole Coloring Book

Hey, A**hole is a beautifully illustrated collection of 32 scathing notes to help you to unleash your wrath on someone special. Color your way to a better mood as you relay urgent, heartfelt messages like, “I hate your face,” and “I hear what you're saying and I just don't care.” Enjoy a surge of satisfaction as you add a rainbow of color to the words you meant to say long ago. Frame your empowering works of art and hang them on the walls of your home or office, or send them in an envelope to that deserving asshole in your life. If you’re tired of someone else’s bullshit, you’ll love how this therapeutic coloring book lets you vent your frustrations in a healthy and decidedly non-violent way.

The Hey A*sshole Coloring Book can be added to any practical (the Camellia, The Sweetbriar) or self-care oriented (Zinnia or Hapless Holiday Box) Compassion Package.