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About: Beeswax Crayons (10ct)

Eco-crayon sticks are handmade from beeswax, soy wax, and stearic acid. Bright, bold, and beautiful colors are poured into three-sided crayon molds which ensure that the sticks don't roll away as your child is creating their work of art! The 10-pack comes with ten boldly colored crayon sticks.

Young children often don't have the language or cognitive ability to communicate their feelings after the death of a loved one. Art activities can help them bridge the divide and show their caretakers how they are feeling. We offer a variety of craft supplies to support children in their early days of grief. 

Beeswax Crayons can be added to any practical (the Camellia, The Sweetbriar) or self-care oriented (Zinnia or Hapless Holiday Box) Compassion Package.