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About: Eco-Kids Play Dough

Eco-Kids Play Dough is a soft, pliable, and reusable play dough that is designed to encourage artistic exploration and will teach the basics of color theory. This set of modeling dough features the three primary colors and is handmade in small batches using kid-safe, non-toxic ingredients.

Young children often don't have the language or cognitive ability to communicate their feelings after the death of a loved one. Art activities can help them bridge the divide and show their caretakers how they are feeling. We offer a variety of craft supplies to support children in their early days of grief. 

Key features:

  • Made with flour, salt, cream of tartar, soy oil, rosemary oil, vitamin e oil, water, citric acid, potassium sorbate & FDA approved pigments.
  • Made with non-GMO ingredients
  • FDA approved pigments
  • Each tub contains 9 oz of dough
  • Children under 6 should be supervised while using this dough

Eco-Kids Play Dough can be added to any practical (the Camellia, The Sweetbriar) or self-care oriented (Zinnia or Hapless Holiday Box) Compassion Package.