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Little Red Wagon Granola

Little Red Wagon began as a stand at the Chapel Hill, NC farmers market in 2004. Their guiding principles are that their granola is good for their customers — they focus on high quality, wholesome food. LRW is good for their employees — they offer a great work environment and strive to be an employer of choice. And they're good for the environment — they run their business in a sustainable and environmentally friendly manner.

We're excited to offer three flavors:

Tried and true, their Original Granola delivers a simple and delicious taste of cinnamon and raisins.  With lots of pecans and almonds, it’s no wonder that this is their most popular variety.

Crunchy Monkey
It tastes so good you’ll have a hard time putting the bag down. Bananas and chocolate chips with pecans and almonds make this granola a great afternoon snack or ice cream topping. 
Rich velvety dark chocolate drops and an abundance of almonds completes this variety. You can have the best of both worlds in the same bite. 

1 lb bag