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About: Rose Facial Serum

Rose Facial Serum is a nutrient-rich blend for all skin types. Facial serums are a wonderful way to moisturize after cleansing morning and night. This serum is balancing for dry skin, soothing aggravated blemish-prone skin and nourishing for aging skin.

The organic rosehip oil nourishes your skin on a deeper level with rich fatty acids Omega 3,6,9 that repair damaged tissue. Rosehip oil is known for its vitamin-rich, hydrating, radiance producing, healthy glow for facial skin.

Organic jojoba oil is US produced and replenishes our natural facial oils that are stripped after cleansing. This oil is a great barrier from environmental damage as it absorbs well into the skin and creates a barrier from the elements. Plumping and hydrating. Lightly scented with Rose geranium essential oil.

Made in the USA by Orchard Farm Soap

.5 oz

Rose Facial Serum can be added to any practical (CamelliaSweetbriar) or self-care oriented (Zinnia or Hapless Holiday Box) Compassion Package.