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The Bluebell
The Bluebell
The Bluebell
The Bluebell
The Bluebell
The Bluebell
The Bluebell
The Bluebell
The Bluebell
The Bluebell
The Bluebell
The Bluebell
The Bluebell
The Bluebell

The Bluebell

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The Bluebell is a curated care package of household essentials to help a friend or family member in the days following the birth or adoption of a child. Babies are beautiful and tiny, but amazingly demanding, and they have the habit of making life a bit more difficult as families adjust to their arrival. While baby outfits are overly adorable these days, gifts of practical products (and perhaps a few extra self-care items) would be welcomed by any new mom or dad.

    The Bluebell is tastefully presented in our signature floral delivery box with a personalized greeting card and a stylized sticker insert describing the contents and their purpose.

  • Typed notecard or handwritten card of your choice
  • Cutlery (16 sets)
  • Paper plates (20 count)
  • Paper towels (1 roll)
  • Garbage bags (12 count)
  • Hand soap (1 container)
  • Tissues (1 box)
  • Toilet paper (4 rolls)
  • Gallon size freezer storage bags (10 count)
  • Granola bars (5 count)
  • Permanent labeling marker (1 count)

  • Baby Wipe Spray (+16) - A safe way to clean up after baby. Mist and wipe away spills, sticky fingers, stinky bums and everything in between. Floral water and vitamin e oil to keep sensitive skin safe. Made with lavender floral water, witch hazel, vitamin e, and evening primrose

    Bath Bomb & Tea 
    (+18) - To create a relaxing bath experience. This shea butter and lavender essential oil bath bomb soothes, nourishes and moisturizes. The tea is added to a warm bath to relieve tension and stress. 

    Bosom Butter (+18) - For use between nursing, gently apply to clean skin. Made with raw beeswax, coconut oil, herb infused rice bran oil, vitamin e, jojoba oil, chamomile essential oil.

    Botanical Bath Soak (+18) - Each bath soak is created with nutrient-dense, botanical ingredients carefully created to enhance a warm bath and deliver specific benefits for certain needs. Two varieties: Rose Cloud (rose petals and mineral-rich pink Himalayan salt) and Restore Soak (replenishing blend of magnesium, sea salt, lavender buds, and essential oil, and copaiba oil. 

    Calming Baby Balm (+18) - An herb-infused blend of lavender and calendula oils, vitamin e and chamomile for minor irritations and gentle massage on baby.

    Handpoured Soywax Candle (+20) - Four varieties: Honey Hi (sweet anise, vanilla, clove, almond), Wildflower (geranium and mint), New Moon (lavender and frankincense) and Observance (scentless)  These candles are no-smoke and scented naturally. Burned from a wooden wick. 

    Lavender Baby Wash (+16) - A blend of castile soap and lavender floral water for a natural and safe way to clean baby. Detergent, preservative, additive, dye, fragrance-free and non-toxic, this gentle formula is earth and sensitive skin-friendly. 

    Lip Whip (+12.50) - Rich, active seed oils and butters with deeply hydrating properties are whipped in a nourishing, restorative balm for mending our lips' dry and delicate skin.

    Pillow Mist (+18) - A combination of essential oils that together offer calming, sedative, stress-lifting and anxiety-reducing properties. Can be misted on linens, towels, face or body. Two varieties: Moon Dust, made with lavender floral water, butterfly pea flowers, witch hazel, and essential oils of: chamomile, frankincense, lavender, and sage; and Star Dust, made with lavender floral water, witch hazel, and essential oils of: lavender, cedarwood, frankincense, ylang ylang, and Himalayan pink salt. 

    Reusable Bamboo Nursing Pads (14) - Ultra-soft velour fabric and a thicker, leak-proof design make these absorbent pads an overnight or newborn nursing essential. Four pads/two pairs. 

    Soap Sampler (+18) - A four-bar selection of handmade cold-processed soaps. Mixed with essential and botanical oils, flowers and herbs.

    Tea Sampler (+13) - A selection of 8 servings of single-serve teas. A mix of caffeinated and caffeine-free. Teas come from Stone Leaf Tea House in Middlebury, VT.

    Therapy Pillows & Nursing Pads (+24) - Bamboobies Therapy Pillows can be cooled in the freezer to ease pain of engorgement and nipple chafing or discomfort from teething or weaning. They can be warmed in the microwave to ease the discomfort of plugged ducts and mastitis or to stimulate let-down. Made with bamboo and flax seeds. Each set of therapy pillows also comes with one pair of reusable/washable nursing pads. 

    Whipped Salt Scrub (+18) - Whipped salt, coconut oil and castile soap scrub infused with essential oils and botanical extracts for absorption and added nutrients. The soap base cleans while rich coconut oil moisturizes and salt sloughs away dead skin. 

    All bath and body products are from Among The Flowers, a small, hand-made natural body care company in Placerville, CA. 

    Teas are purchased from Stone Leaf Teahouse in Middlebury, VT and the sampler pack is assembled in house. 

    Orders placed before 1 PM (Monday - Friday) will typically ship the same day.

    Orders placed before 10 AM on Saturday will typically ship the same day. 

    If you would like guaranteed 1-2 day delivery, please select Priority Mail Express (additional charges will apply). 

    We care deeply about our company's environmental impact. Where possible, we at Here For You have chosen premium brands that use recycled content and are friendlier to the environment. Our office is powered by solar power. 

    We work with companies with similar missions, like Mrs. Meyers, Seventh Generation, Repurpose, World Centric, If You Care, Who Gives a Crap, Preserve, Stone Leaf Teahouse, Bamboobies and Among the Flowers.  

    All of the packaging that we use for our Compassion Packages is compostable or recyclable.