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Hapless Holiday Build Your Own
Hapless Holiday Build Your Own
Hapless Holiday Build Your Own
Hapless Holiday Build Your Own
Hapless Holiday Build Your Own
Hapless Holiday Build Your Own
Hapless Holiday Build Your Own
Hapless Holiday Build Your Own
Hapless Holiday Build Your Own
Hapless Holiday Build Your Own
Hapless Holiday Build Your Own
Hapless Holiday Build Your Own
Hapless Holiday Build Your Own
Hapless Holiday Build Your Own
Hapless Holiday Build Your Own
Hapless Holiday Build Your Own
Hapless Holiday Build Your Own
Hapless Holiday Build Your Own
Hapless Holiday Build Your Own
Hapless Holiday Build Your Own
Hapless Holiday Build Your Own
Hapless Holiday Build Your Own

Hapless Holiday Build Your Own

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Send some compassion to a loved one who is hurting this holiday season.

The inevitable ads with festive family gatherings, flower bouquets in the supermarket, or advertisements for a special dinner for two — for many people, these are painful reminders of what's been lost.

The Hapless Holiday Compassion Package lets someone know you're thinking of them without the traditional fanfare of the holiday season.

Build Your Own (Starts at $12) - Build your own box from scratch. The starting price covers the gift packaging, handwritten card, and an optional Practical Guide For Grieving During the Holidays. All add-ons must be added separately. 


These links provide you with more information about the add-ons including product size, scents, and ingredients. 

A Very Schitty Coloring Book (+16)

Adult Coloring Book (+14) 

After Shave (+20) 

Aloe Hand Lotion (+10) 

Anxiety: The Missing Stage of Grief (+15)

Aromatherapy Dough (+14)

Bath Bomb (+9) 

Bath Salt Soak (+15)

Bath Tea (+12) 

Beard Oil (+16)

Bee Balm (+7)

Beeswax Crayons | 10 ct (+8)

Bod Butter (+18) 

Body Scrub (+25)

Botanical Bath Soak (+18)

Botanicals Coloring Book (+10)

Calendula Cream Lotion (+20)

Candle Making Kit (+9)

Cocoa Rose Facial Cream (+20)

Cold Process Soap (+9) 

Cuticle Salve (+6) 

Death is Stupid Book (+20)

Dual Tip Markers (+15)

Eco-Kids Play Dough (+15)

Embroidered Journal (+18)

Embroidery Kits (+24-28)

Exfoliating Face Mask (+25) 

Felted Animal Kit (+20)

Friends Coloring Book (+16)

Guided Grief Journal (+25)

Handpoured Soywax Candle (+23)

Hand and Surface Sanitizer (+5)

Heel Balm (+10.50)

Hey A**hole Coloring Book (+10)

Hot Cocoa (+12.50)

It's OK That You're Not OK (+10) 

Learn to Weave Kit (+36)

Lifetimes Book (+15)

Little Red Wagon Granola (+10)

Mandalas Coloring Book (+15)

Modern Loss: Candid Conversations About Loss (+15)

Moisturizing Foot Cream (+9) 

Moonstruck Chocolate Bar (+5)

Mountain Moon Natural Cologne (+24) 

Navigating Grief Booklet (+4)

Parenting While Grieving (+4)

Rainbow Trifecta Cross Stitch Kit (+36)

Repair Balm (+14)

Reusable Heating Pad (+20)

Roasted Artisanal Nuts (+7.50) 

Seed Bars Variety Pack (+16) 

Shower Steamer Set (+20)

Soap & Deck Bundle (+15)

Soap Sampler Set (+18) 

Tea Sampler (+15) 

The Best of Housewives Coloring Book (+16)

The Goodbye Book (+12)

The Hot Young Widows Club (+10)

Your Story Matters Lined Journal (+15)   

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews

I can't get over how fantastic these gifts are. From the gorgeous boxes, responsive shipping updates, gorgeous cards, to the items chosen with care. I'll be coming back to Here for You when I need to recognize the complicated and hard parts of life.


Wonderful, high quality product that I would highly recommend. They put together our personalized package quickly and were very caring to make sure everything was to our desired quality. We will definitely buy from here again!


Here For You provide a wonderful service- customizable boxes to help show the ones you love, just how much they mean to you and that you're there for them during life's difficult times. The customer service is top notch, I really felt like family.


I've always told my husband not to buy me flowers for special occasions because they're overpriced and quickly die, which hardly feels like a celebration. Yet, for years, this was my "go-to" for friends who had recently suffered a loss - how kind to remind them with "floral demise!" When a close friend recently lost her mother to COVID, I immediately knew I could find something more appropriate from "Here for You." Within minutes I had purchased a compassion box that I was able to customize based on what would make the most sense for my friend. I was worried about shipping due to the pandemic, but the package arrived within days and brought the recipient to tears. The handwritten note and self-care items were like nothing she'd yet received since losing her mom. The customer service and personalized attention I received from "Here for You" was like nothing I have experienced. While I don't hope to need to place an order soon, I know I will be able to find the most compassionate gift that can be had. Thank you Kellyn!


Thank you, we feel like you guys truly care.

Compassion Package Tips

And answers to your pressing questions

  • What should I write in my card?

    Be sincere and share how you're feeling without overshadowing their grief.

    Example of sharing your pain in appropriate way: "Desi was such a positive light in my life. His humor brought me so much joy over the years. I will miss him terribly."Example of overshadowing the bereaved's pain: "This is the saddest thing that's ever happened to me — I don't know how I will get through this."

    Share a fond memory if you have one - especially if the card receiver has never heard it. 

    Anything that stands out to you will be special, even if it seems insignificant. 

    Share how you will continue to remember and honor the deceased (examples below)

    "I know Ralph loved key lime pie. Whenever I see it on the menu I'll be sure to order it and think of him." "My children are too young to remember your mom, but I will tell them about those adventurous summers we had camping together. I'm going to teach them how to light a campfire, just like how she taught me."

    If you want to offer help, be specific. If you can make a commitment, do it. 

    Avoid (at all costs) 'call me if you need me' - this puts the burden of action on the person you are trying to help. They will never call you. Offer a concrete way to help. Try 'I will bring you dinner next week', or 'I can watch the kids for you on Friday morning' and follow up on your offer. If you are in a position to offer ongoing support, don't be shy about sharing what you can do. For example, "I am home every Sunday afternoon. I would love to have your kids over to our house on the weekend so you have time to yourself. They are welcome any and all Sundays." Or, "What would be more helpful, if I bring over dinner every Friday or take your dog for hikes instead?"

    Avoid all platitudes. Common examples

    -You're strong

    -You will get through this

    -They're in a better place

    -They'll always be with you/in your heart

    -At least they....(didn't suffer, are no longer suffering, didn't know what was happening, had a chance to say goodbye, etc. etc. etc.)

    -May your memories bring you comfort

    -Everything happens for a reason/God needed an angel/God wouldn't give you more than you can handle

    It is best not to mention what I'll call religious comfort. Keep in mind that people who find comfort in their faith may not find comfort in statements like the ones I've listed above in the very early days after a loss. It is best to err on the side of caution and leave them out.

    Many of the religious statements or platitudes listed above are not really about about offering support. They're encouraging the bereaved to accept their new reality or express gratitude during heartache. Platitudes essentially come across as minimizing the bereaved's pain. 

    The advice listed above is just that — one person's advice. These are tips are based on what I've learned after speaking with many bereaved people, and also having written hundreds of cards myself. Trust your gut, and use these recommednations as a guide. 

  • How quickly will the package arrive?

    Most packages will reach their destination within 1-3 business days. If you select UPS Ground, it can take up to 5 days for the Compassion Package to be delivered.

    If you need guaranteed 1-2 day delivery, please choose Priority Mail Express or UPS Next Day Air at checkout (there will be an additional charge). 

    During the checkout process, you will receive a shipping estimate before the sale is finalized. Approximately 90-95% of orders arrive by the estimated shipping date. 

    If your order qualifies for free shipping, we will always select an option that estimates a 1-3 day delivery. 

  • I need to sent multiple packages — how do I do this?

    At this time we cannot process multiple destinations within one order. Please make each package a separate order.