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The Zinnia is a customizable self-care Compassion Package
The Zinnia — Build Your Own
No Good Card For This Empathy Card by Emily McDowell and Friends
I'm Here For You Always Card by Emily McDowell
The Zinnia — Build Your Own
The Zinnia — Build Your Own
The Zinnia is a customizable self-care Compassion Package
The Zinnia — Build Your Own
No Good Card For This Empathy Card by Emily McDowell and Friends
I'm Here For You Always Card by Emily McDowell
The Zinnia — Build Your Own
The Zinnia — Build Your Own

The Zinnia — Build Your Own

Starting from


The Zinnia is a fully customizable self-care Compassion Package. The starting price includes:

  • Signature floral delivery box, tissue wrapping paper, stylized cardstock insert, and a typed notecard or handwritten card of your choosing. 
  • An optional personalized handwritten follow-up card to the package received from the Here For You team with words of compassion and ideas for resources delivered 1-2 months after your purchase.

All self-care items are added separately. 

Would you prefer to have us put a box together for you? Choose one of our curated options.

Item selections:

After Shave (+20) - Completely natural and carefully selected ingredients are the bases of this antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory blend of essential oils (cedarwood, frankincense, palo santo, helichrysum, grapefruit seed) and aloe. 

Aloe Hand Lotion (+10) - A deeply moisturizing liquid cream, made naturally for quick hydration and relief from sun exposure. Two varieties: Dawn (lemon, orange, bergamot, lime, and vanilla) and Wildflower (geranium, rosemary, and mint)

Bath Bomb (+9) - A moisturizing, fizzing, floral bath experience. Powered with shea butter and lavender essential oils.

Bath Tea (+12) - This bath tea utilizes the simple yet effective properties of flower petals. Add to a warm bath for soothing aches and sore muscles, relieving tension, lifting stress. 

Bee Balm (+7) - A plastic-free natural lip balm. Made with organic coconut oil, beeswax, essential oils, and vitamin e. Three varieties: Cedar VanillaLemon Lavender, and Peppermint

Bod Butter (+18) - Massage into clean skin. For best absorption use after showering. Made with coconut oil, shea butter, rice bran oil, essential oils of cedarwood, palo santo, frankincense, and Himalayan cedarwood.

Body Oil (+20) - Massage onto skin after showering, use in the bath or apply during meditation. Comes in five scents: New Moon (bergamot, lavender, lime, helichrysum, vanilla, frankincense, orange) and Rose Petal (rose)

Botanical Bath Soak (+18) - Each bath soak is created with nutrient-dense, botanical ingredients carefully created to enhance a warm bath and deliver specific benefits for certain needs. Two varieties: Rose Cloud (rose petals and mineral-rich pink Himalayan salt), Restore Soak (a replenishing blend of magnesium, sea salt, lavender buds, and essential oil, and copaiba oi). 

Cold Process Soap (+9) - Handpoured small-batch soap. Five varieties: LavenderMoonshadow (an out of earth blend of essential oils and clays for a detoxifying and fresh clean), Pink Grapefruit (a mineral rich infusion of Himalayan oink salt, rose clay, and uplifting grapefruit essential oil), Sea (a fresh, salty-air soap with mineral-rich sea salt and the breezy scent of lavender and lime), and Sunbeam (lemon, orange, mint and grapefruit).

Cuticle Salve (+6) - Light and moisturizing salve for dry, cracked cuticles. Honey-lemon scented.

Decorative Soy Candle (+30) — No-smoke, handpoured large candles with two wooden wicks. Comes in a beautiful decorative handmade clay vessel. Each one is unique. Comes in Calm scent (cedarwood, lemon, vanilla). 

Exfoliating Face Mask (+25) - Three varieties: Hydrate, a blend of gentle, soothing chamomile extract, moisturizing coconut milk powder and gently exfoliating banana extract enzymes,  Nourish, an exfoliating rhassoul clay mask ground with chamomile and lavender, and Renew, an exfoliating enzyme mask made with fruit extract,  

Face & Body Mist (+23) - Hydrating face and body toner. Comes in two varieties, Rose Petal and Watermelon Mint

Handpoured Soywax Candle (+22) - These candles are no-smoke and scented naturally. Burned from a wooden wick. Two varieties: New Moon (lavender and frankincense), and Daybreak (mint, vanilla, orange, himalayan cedarwood).

Heel Balm ($10.50) - Deeply moisturizing balm for dry, cracked feet. Also great for elbows, knees, knuckles, and any rough patch of skin. Honey Lemon scent.

Lip Whip (+12.50) - Rich, active seed oils and butters with deeply hydrating properties are whipped in a nourishing, restorative balm for mending our lips' dry and delicate skin.

Moisturizing Foot Cream (+9) - Light moisturizing cream for feet or hands. Two varieties: Sweet almond or Magnolia

Mountain Moon Natural Cologne (+24) - This special formula of pure essential oils and herbal waters is safe enough to mist directly on your face, body and clothes. Scented with cedarwood, fir needle, frankincense.

Pillow Mist (+23) - A combination of essential oils that together offer calming, sedative, stress-lifting and anxiety-reducing properties. Can be misted on linens, towels, face or body. Two varieties: Moon Dust (lavender floral water, distilled water, butterfly pea flowers, witch hazel, essential oils of chamomile, frankincense, lavender, and sage) and Star Dust (lavender floral water, witch hazel, essential oils of ylang-ylang, lavender, cedarwood, frankincense, Himalayan pink salt). 

Seed-based Granola (+8) Made by 88 Acres, this seed-based granola includes a mix of oats with sunflower seeds, ground flax seeds, and pumpkin seeds. It's free from the 8 most common allergens, gluten-free, nut-free, and non-GMO. Comes in two flavors: Sea Salt Dark Chocolate or Triple Berry Blend (currants, blueberries, and cranberries).

Seed-based Protein Bars (+10) Made by 88 acres, these pumpkin seed-based protein bars come in two flavors: banana bread and dark chocolate brownie. These bars are also gluten-free, nut-free, and non-GMO. Delivered in a stamped gift box.

Seed Bars Variety Pack (+10) - Made by 88 Acres, these seed bars are a mix of oats, pumpkin, sunflower, and flax seeds. They are free from the 8 most common allergens, making them accessible to most. With a diverse flavor offering, they're also gluten-free, nut-free, and non-GMO. Delivered in a stamped gift box. Included flavors: dark chocolate & sea salt, cinnamon & oats, double chocolate mocha, triple berry blend, and spiced ginger apple.

Soap Sampler Set (+18) - A four-bar selection of handmade cold-processed soaps. Mixed with essential and botanical oils, flowers and herbs. Packaged in a wooden gift box with a dried flower bouquet. 

Tea Sampler (+15) - A selection of 8 servings of single-serve teas. A mix of caffeinated (masala chai and 4 seasons spring oolong) and caffeine-free (peppermint and chamomile). 

Whipped Body Butter (+20) - A combination of whipped coconut oil and shea butter, essential oils and highly effective nut and seed-derived oils come together in this luxurious whipped body butter. For deep moisturizing and extra dry skin. Comes in four varieties: Citrus VanillaCoconut, Jasmine Ylang-Ylang, and Lavender Sage

Whipped Salt Scrub (+18) - Whipped salt, coconut oil and castile soap scrub infused with essential oils and botanical extracts for absorption and added nutrients. The soap base cleans while rich coconut oil moisturizes and salt sloughs away dead skin. It comes in two varieties: LavenderMineral (bentonite & green clays, lavender, tea tree essential oil, and fir needle essential oils)Pink Salt Grapefruit, and Sea (bentonite clay, lime, and lavender essential oil).

Your Story Matters Lined Journal (+15) - Interior and exterior artwork by Lisa Congdon. Journal measures 6.5" x 8.66", paperback with 160 lined pages and a ribbon marker. 

Bath and body products are from Among The Flowers, a small, hand-made natural body care company in Placerville, CA and Southern Hospitality, a podiatrist-owned small-batch foot care company in Indiana. 

Teas are purchased from Stone Leaf Teahouse in Middlebury, VT and the sampler pack is assembled in house. 

Domestic orders over $80 include free 1-3 day shipping (USPS Priority Mail or UPS Ground).

Orders placed before 1 PM (Monday - Friday) will typically ship the same day.

Orders placed before 10 AM on Saturday will typically ship the same day. 

If you would like guaranteed 1-2 day delivery, please select Priority Mail Express or UPS Next Day Air (additional charges will apply). 


These cards are just images to help you make your selection. You will choose your card further down where you customize your Compassion Package



Thinking of you/Just because

Blank (inside & outside)

Pet Loss

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Wonderful care package resource!

Compassion Package Tips

And answers to your pressing questions

  • What should I write in my card?

    Be sincere and share how you're feeling without overshadowing their grief.

    Example of sharing your pain in appropriate way: "Desi was such a positive light in my life. His humor brought me so much joy over the years. I will miss him terribly."Example of overshadowing the bereaved's pain: "This is the saddest thing that's ever happened to me — I don't know how I will get through this."

    Share a fond memory if you have one - especially if the card receiver has never heard it. 

    Anything that stands out to you will be special, even if it seems insignificant. 

    Share how you will continue to remember and honor the deceased (examples below)

    "I know Ralph loved key lime pie. Whenever I see it on the menu I'll be sure to order it and think of him." "My children are too young to remember your mom, but I will tell them about those adventurous summers we had camping together. I'm going to teach them how to light a campfire, just like how she taught me."

    If you want to offer help, be specific. If you can make a commitment, do it. 

    Avoid (at all costs) 'call me if you need me' - this puts the burden of action on the person you are trying to help. They will never call you. Offer a concrete way to help. Try 'I will bring you dinner next week', or 'I can watch the kids for you on Friday morning' and follow up on your offer. If you are in a position to offer ongoing support, don't be shy about sharing what you can do. For example, "I am home every Sunday afternoon. I would love to have your kids over to our house on the weekend so you have time to yourself. They are welcome any and all Sundays." Or, "What would be more helpful, if I bring over dinner every Friday or take your dog for hikes instead?"

    Avoid all platitudes. Common examples

    -You're strong

    -You will get through this

    -They're in a better place

    -They'll always be with you/in your heart

    -At least they....(didn't suffer, are no longer suffering, didn't know what was happening, had a chance to say goodbye, etc. etc. etc.)

    -May your memories bring you comfort

    -Everything happens for a reason/God needed an angel/God wouldn't give you more than you can handle

    It is best not to mention what I'll call religious comfort. Keep in mind that people who find comfort in their faith may not find comfort in statements like the ones I've listed above in the very early days after a loss. It is best to err on the side of caution and leave them out.

    Many of the religious statements or platitudes listed above are not really about about offering support. They're encouraging the bereaved to accept their new reality or express gratitude during heartache. Platitudes essentially come across as minimizing the bereaved's pain. 

    The advice listed above is just that — one person's advice. These are tips are based on what I've learned after speaking with many bereaved people, and also having written hundreds of cards myself. Trust your gut, and use these recommednations as a guide. 

  • How quickly will the package arrive?

    Most packages will reach their destination within 1-3 business days. If you select UPS Ground, it can take up to 5 days for the Compassion Package to be delivered.

    If you need guaranteed 1-2 day delivery, please choose Priority Mail Express or UPS Next Day Air at checkout (there will be an additional charge). 

    During the checkout process, you will receive a shipping estimate before the sale is finalized. Approximately 90-95% of orders arrive by the estimated shipping date. 

    If your order qualifies for free shipping, we will always select an option that estimates a 1-3 day delivery. 

  • I need to sent multiple packages — how do I do this?

    At this time we cannot process multiple destinations within one order. Please make each package a separate order.