Care Packages for Life's Toughest Moments

Send comfort and support to someone experiencing loss, illness, or injury. Customized and curated options. Add a personal touch with a handwritten card.

Build Your Care Package
Custom Grief Care Package

How it works

Build your gift from scratch or with our recommendations

Personalize it with a printed or handwritten card

We’ll mail a follow-up card to your recipient 2 months later (optional)

We are a family-owned and mission-driven company

We believe in showing up for each other when life is at its hardest. Our Grief Care Packages help our customers support their loved ones with compassion when they need it most.

Our mission

What's in the box?

Select from dozens of curated items, from household and self-care essentials, to food and books.

  • Coffee Sampler Coffee Sampler
  • Orchard Farm Soap Orchard Farm Soap
  • Cooke Tavern Soup Cooke Tavern Soup
  • Dandelion Lotion Bar Dandelion Lotion Bar
  • Embroidery Kits Embroidery Kits
  • Les Déglingos Stuffies Les Déglingos Stuffies
  • Aromatherapy Dough Aromatherapy Dough
  • In the Garden Spiral Coloring Book In the Garden Spiral Coloring Book
  • Tree Free Tissues — Flat Box Tree Free Tissues — Flat Box
  • What's Your Grief? What's Your Grief?
  • Pillow Mist Pillow Mist
  • Lavender Oatmeal Milkbath Lavender Oatmeal Milkbath

Keep grief support going

Each passing season, birthday, and holiday can strike with fresh poignancy. Reaching out with simple messages of support throughout the year can go a long way.

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