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I wanted to do something to show support — something different than flowers. The message I received from the recipient, "I really appreciate your package of goodies. It came at the perfect time. I had people here and instead of digging everything out of the cupboard, I just grabbed things from the box. Thanks again." I have shared your site with a number of people. Very impressed with what you have put together. Thank you!

Your service, attention to detail, understanding of the grieving process, and resources offered beyond just “sending something” are incredible You have made a customer for life (in the most unfortunate of circumstances). And a follow-up card - AMAZING!!

Here For You is unparalleled in terms of care taken and understanding for those who are grieving. Both the practical aspects of quickly sending boxes and the emotional aspect of understanding grief and what it's like to lose someone you love... Thank you so much for helping us be there for our friends quickly and in a practical way, despite living far away.

Amazing customer service!! The package I sent felt like my love went to their front door within a few days. I know it meant a lot to them and it meant a lot to me to give them something other than flowers (which will die eventually, why do we gift our grievers something that's going to remind them of dying?!). 

I was looking for a special, unique gift for a friend who lost her father to COVID. Flowers just seemed too impersonal. I'm so happy I found Here For You, they had a lovely selection of items and I was glad I could build my own basket of self-care goodies for my friend. She loved everything and said it was all so perfect and thoughtful. Thank you so much!

My co-workers and I are simply amazed by your customer service. We are a team of nurses who live all over the United States and work together virtually. When a dear co-worker's mom passed away, we wanted to send something other than flowers to show her how much we care. Your superior customer service has taken this experience to a level that we didn't think existed anymore. Thank you for all your care and thoughtfulness

I am extremely happy with my purchase from Here for You. The recipient loved the items in her box. Speedy delivery, excellent customer service and fair pricing. Will order from them again.

Because of the pandemic, we couldn’t physically be there for our friend. Flowers felt so out of touch & food delivery seemed to presumptive. There is no substitute for knocking on the door with homemade food & offering company if they want it, leaving it on the porch if they don’t. Here For You was the next best thing & sent the same message: we’re here for you if you need us.

You good did a really great job with communicating about the package and shipping. It made it seem really personal which was great

When one of my close friends lost a family member I wanted to send him something more personal, and more useful, than flowers. The package was so good that the family reached out to me to thank me and explain how wonderful the gift was. They were having family over and ended up needing most of the items in the package.

Here For You offered me a wonderful gift option for a dear friend who was in the thick of grief. It is often difficult to figure out what a person might need or want after a loss and I was very grateful to find Here For You. It really allowed me to show my care in a practical and thoughtful way and I was able to give her items that she actually needed! I highly recommend this gift box!

My mother's cousin passed away very suddenly and I purchased a Here For You box for her husband and daughters. We're Jews and were going to be sitting Shiva - which these boxes seem practically made for. As soon as the box arrived I got a text from our cousin's husband who was blown away by how helpful this box was. He wrote, 'Got the package - thank you. The perfect thing to send.'

The Zinnia came in the most beautiful box you can imagine--a sea of vibrantly outlined blooms that will never wilt. It was the type of support I needed but did not know I wanted. Nothing will wilt, nothing will spoil, it will wait for me to be ready to engage in a bath soak, to light a candle, to heal.