Follow-Up Card

What & Why

All Here For You grief care packages include an optional follow-up card to the care package recipient.* These cards are purposefully delivered 6-8 weeks after the package arrival, which is when active care and support for grieving families tends to recede. 

These handwritten and personalized cards provide words of compassion, and when appropriate, a tailored list of resources (e.g., books, podcasts, support groups (both in person and online), social media handles, and websites that may provide comfort, support and a sense of connection.

Handwritten follow-up card sent 2 months after package delivery

When & How

Within a month of your order, I will send you an survey in which you can provide us some basic details to tailor the card (for example, what is the card recipient's relationship to the deceased? Is there an obituary you can link to? etc.). I will not send a follow-up card without your permission. 

I will send you a short note to let you know when the card is in the mail. 

Is it weird for my friend/family member to receive a card from you? They don't know you...

While it's true that I don't personally know any of the people I write cards to, we have received some really amazing feedback that grievers have been truly touched by the gesture (sometimes they even send cards back to me). This service is part of what sets Here For You apart from other sympathy gift providers. Our goal is to change the grief support landscape, and offering such a personalized service is part of that vision. 

Because we have been there in grief, we understand how supportive it can feel to know that people are thinking about you, that your pain is important, and that we don't expect you to be 'over it.' These follow-up cards help people to feel seen and understood.

Keep in mind that the cards are signed by Here For You — we are not writing them on your behalf or signing your name.