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Nora McInerny It's OK to Laugh Care Package

Nora McInerny It's OK to Laugh Care Package

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Nora McInerny is perhaps best known for constantly encouraging all of us to have honest conversations about grief, loss, and most things difficult. Her podcast, Terrible, Thanks for Asking has been an avenue for delivering honest stories since 2016. She's also the founder of Feelings & Co., a creative studio and production company. She's actually done so much in the past 7 years that it's hard for us to list it all in this short little blurb.

The elements of this care package were inspired by Nora and chosen to provide comfort and a wee bit of respite to the intended recipient.

  • At the cornerstone of this box is It's OK to Laugh (Crying is Cool Too), Nora's humorous and candid memoir that does many things but anchors the deaths of her husband, father and the premature end of her second pregnancy in a six-week period. 
  • Coloring and other creative crafts can provide a necessary brain break from the deep torture of grief. This Fuck Off I'm Coloring book has the added benefit of of creating works of art that accurately reflect the bereaved's mood.
  • A jade facial roller and bee lip balm provide comfort from the shoulder up.
  • A pillow mist for the body or linens can make someone's bed a more inviting and cozy habitat. 

Each box is delivered in gift packaging with a personalized card. An optional follow-up card is also offered within two months of package delivery. 

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