Isn't it weird to send someone toilet paper? 

No. When someone is going through an incredibly difficult life transition, it is more important than ever that they are gifted what they need. They need the items that will lighten their load, as everyday tasks can be so incredibly difficult when you are in crisis mode. What is great about our household items is that they have an incredibly long shelf life (especially when compared to a flower bouquet or a fruit basket). The items you gift will be there whenever they need them. Saving them a trip to store for household essentials is a great way to support a friend or loved one in need. 

When is it appropriate to send a Compassion Package? Which one should I choose?

Two of our Compassion Packages, The Camellia and The Sweetbriar are best sent to a friend or loved one who is directly and significantly affected by a loss, diagnosis, job loss, or another circumstance that abruptly changes their life. This is a person whose day-to-day life has been dramatically altered by the expected or unexpected event. These packages are similar takes on the same theme - when sh*t hits the fan, send the gift of toilet paper. This is why these two Compassion Packages include essential household items. You may choose to add on various self-care items to personalize your package.

The Zinnia is a self-care Compassion Package. This is best for a person who is able to manage and complete their day-to-day tasks, but you want them to know that you're thinking of them and wish to bring them comfort. 

We know that toilet paper and household wares are not typical sympathy gifts (but they should be). This is why we have custom designed our shipping box. Your Compassion Package will arrive beautifully to its destination. 

How soon should I send my Compassion Package?

The Camellia and The Sweetbriar should be sent as soon as possible. The intention of these gifts is that they arrive within a couple of weeks of the difficult life transition. The Camellia includes free Priority Mail shipping. We can typically offer same day shipping if orders are received by 1 PM Monday-Friday, and 10 AM Saturday. 

How quickly will my package arrive?

Most packages will reach their destination in 1-2 business days, though it may take up to 3 days depending on the recipient's address. If you need guaranteed 1-2 day delivery, please choose Priority Mail Express at checkout (there will be an additional charge). 

Can I pick what's in the Compassion Package?

You may choose which items to include in The Zinnia (keep in mind that you must choose a minimum of two products). 

You may also add self-care items to The Camellia or The Sweetbriar at an additional cost. At this time we do not offer the ability to add, swap or remove the included items from these packages.

What should I say in my card?

We have card writing tips here. The Emily McDowell Studio has an outstanding Empathy Line and we offer many of their cards. These cards help us find the words when there are no right words. Ev

The Camellia includes a handwritten card of your choice, The Sweetbriar and the Zinnia include a typed notecard. You may add a handwritten card to either of these Compassion Packages for a small fee.

Do you offer free shipping?

Compassion Packasdages over $75 qualify for free shipping. 

What if I want to send multiple packages to different addresses?

At this time we cannot process multiple destinations within one order. Please make each package a separate order.