Why should I trust Here For You?

We know that it can be a bit nerve wracking to trust a new company when you need to send a gift during such a critical time.

We are a small business that cares deeply about the customer experience. We review all orders carefully with a keen attention to detail. If we notice anything that doesn't seem quite right (e.g., a typo in the card or a shipping address error), we will be in touch with you to be sure that the order arrives perfectly to the intended destination. We have over 220 five star reviews and many repeat customers. 

Should I really send my friend a box with toilet paper inside?

When someone is going through an incredibly difficult life transition, it is more important than ever that they are gifted what they need. These are items that will lighten their load, as everyday tasks can be so incredibly difficult when you are in crisis mode. What is great about our household items is that they have an incredibly long shelf life (especially when compared to a flower bouquet or a fruit basket). The items you gift will be there whenever they need them. Saving them a trip to store for household essentials is a great way to support a friend or loved one in need. 

We know that toilet paper and household wares are not typical sympathy gifts (but they should be). We also have snacks, drinks, tissues, trash bags, plates, laundry soap, etc., to help you customize the perfect gift. 

What's included in a box?

Every order includes gift packaging, a personalized message of your choosing and a follow-up card. Follow-up cards are an opt-in service. Within 4-6 weeks of the order delivery you will receive an email from us asking if you'd like us to send the recipient their card.

How quickly will my package arrive?

We ship packages within one business day. Once a package is passed onto the mail carrier, we have no control over delivery speed. Since COVID began, all shipping carriers have experienced delays due to labor shortages and increased mail volume. USPS boxes may take an additional day to reach their destination. UPS usually operates on schedule. 

If you choose a guaranteed service (like Priority Mail Express), your package will arrive on time or you will (mostly likely) be refunded. Please be aware of the fine print on these service — USPS Priority Mail Express is considered late if it takes more than two business days for delivery (even if you're given an estimate of one day). UPS gurantees their next day services, but keep in mind that they do not consider Saturday to be a business day. 

Since COVID, USPS and UPS sometimes remove their delivery guarantees. You can check out their homepages to see what their current policies are. 

What should I say in my card?

We have card writing tips here. Every Compassion Package includes either a handwritten card of your choice, or a typed notecard on ivory cardstock. 

Do you offer free shipping?

Compassion Packages over $100 qualify for free shipping. 

What if I want to send multiple packages to different addresses?

At this time we cannot process multiple destinations within one order. Please make each package a separate order. 

Help! I sent the package to the wrong address or the recipient never received the package:

Once the package is passed off to the post office we do not have any influence over what happens to the package. We are no longer able to change the shipping label. If you realize the error before hand off, we'll gladly reprint the label. Please respond to your confirmation email ASAP with a request to make changes. 

If there is an error through the postal carrier (e.g., UPS/USPS loses the Compassion Package), a new one will be sent out as soon as possible at no cost to you. If the package was delayed and it had certified delivery (e.g., you paid for overnight mail and it didn't arrive on time), you will be refunded what you paid for postage.

Unfortunately, if a package is delivered to the correct address, but it is stolen from the recipient's home, we are unable to replace the order. We will happily work with you to place another order and can offer a discount on the replacement. 

Depending on the circumstances, please note that if a Compassion Package is returned to us because the incorrect address was supplied, the purchaser will be responsible for the return label. If you choose not to resend the package, there will be a 15% restocking fee. Original shipipng charges will not be refunded.

What is your cancellation policy?

Due to our quick processing time (within 24 hours), we cannot guarantee that orders can be cancelled. You can read the specifics around cancellation here

How can I support someone I care about?

We write about support on our blog - and make posts on our social media account (here and here) that will give you tips on what to say/not say, do/not do, and how to love and support the people you care about.

You can also sign up for customized grief support reminders that will be delivered via email. This free service offers ideas for how to support friends and family in the months and years ahead.  

I am hurting — where can I turn?

We have a page especially for you - it will point you in a direction where you can find resources for support. We also have a Grief Support tab at the top of our page where you can find situation-specific resources. If you do not see what you're looking for, please contact us