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Everything is Horrible Care Package

Everything is Horrible Care Package

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Stephanie Wittels Wachs is a writer, advocate, podcaster and podcast network cofounder (three cheeers for Lemonada!). 

A note from Stephanie: After my brother died, I was suddenly unable to function. All the mindless daily tasks that used to be easy suddenly felt impossible. So, I’ve included disposable plates and cutlery because no one should wash dishes when they’re in deep grief. Writing, on the other hand, was really the only thing I had the energy to do that first year. In fact, I wrote most of my book in the nine months after losing my brother, so I’ve included a journal for the griever to jot down any memories, feelings, and musings. I’ve also included a book that saved my life in those early days, The Year of Magical Thinking by Joan Didion. And lavender lotion, duh, because it’s instantly soothing. Hopefully, this care package will give your griever permission to honor their grief and trust that it will get easier over time. 

What's inside:

Each box is delivered in gift packaging with a personalized card. An optional follow-up card is also offered within two months of package delivery. 

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