Everything Is Horrible and Wonderful - About

With just one phone call, Stephanie Wittels Wachs's life was forever transformed. Her younger brother, Harris, renowned for his comedic talent on Parks and Recreation and for popularizing the art of the humblebrag, met a tragic end with a heroin overdose. How can one fathom the tragic conclusion to a life brimming with uproarious brilliance?

In her eloquent, unpretentious, and surprisingly humorous prose, Stephanie Wittels Wachs navigates between her brother's battle with addiction, a revelation that came just three days before her wedding, and the tumultuous first year following his untimely passing. This poignant portrayal of a comedic virtuoso and a profound exploration of the bond between siblings offers readers a contemporary counterpart to A Year of Magical Thinking, blending humor and heartbreak.

Everything Is Horrible and Wonderful by Stephanie Wittles Wachs book cover