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Tyler Feder Pity Party Care Package

Tyler Feder Pity Party Care Package

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Illustrator and author Tyler Feder has touched thousands of people with her authentic illustrations and honest books for everyone, from young to not-so-young. Her work showcases her honest perspective when it comes to feminism, body positivity, mental health, and the grief experience. We're proud to offer Tyler's handpicked selections for this Pity Party Compassionate Care Package. 

A note from Tyler: I'm so sorry that someone you love has been initiated into the worst club ever! This care package is full of things I would have loved to receive after I joined it myself: a swear-y coloring book and rainbow markers to channel rage and keep hands busy, the snuggliest socks for cold feet, a minty and moisturizing lip tint for feeling human, and a sweet little pouch for schlepping essentials around the house. Plus tissues and a signed copy of my book!

What's inside:

Each box is delivered in gift packaging with a personalized card. An optional follow-up card is also offered within two months of package delivery. 

Medium socks fits shoe sizes 5-10 (women's) or 6.5-11 (men's).
Large socks fits shoe sizes 10-14 (women's) or 11-15.5 (men's).


* Depending on inventory, Here For You may substitute the color of the Gripjoy socks and/or carry pouch

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