Fuck Off I'm Coloring book (portable edition) - About

Color the living shit out of this stress-relieving, fucking swear-word adult coloring book!

  • There are more ways to say “fuck you” than ever with this collection of over 30 satisfyingly inappropriate coloring pages. 
  • Relieve some stress with easy and beautiful art—that also happens to feature everyone's favorite profanities. Feel the zen wash over you as you color in or outside the lines however you damn well please.
  • Take the defiance up a notch with more complex patterns, or take the easy route when you unwind. 

No matter what you do, make sure you do whatever the fuck you want!

This 6 x 6.5" coloring books is easy to take on the got — particularly useful in waiting rooms or other places where destressing is essential. 

Shot of book cover and interior page