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Jessica Zucker Miscarriage Care Package

Jessica Zucker Miscarriage Care Package

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Jessica Zucker is a psychologist and writer who is also the person behind the #IHadAMiscarriage movement, which she created to encourage open and honest conversations about miscarriage and to reduce the stigma surrounding it.

What's inside:

  • The cornerstone of this gift is Jessica's memoir, I Had a Miscarriage where she weaves her own experience and other women's stories into a compassionate and compelling exploration of grief as a necessary, nuanced personal and communal process.
  • The rest of the gift is catered to comforting the person's physical body. A reusable hot(or cold) pad would help relieve pain and discomfort, muscle and joint balm, beeswax lip balm and pillow mist to make the individual's resting place calm and comforting. 
Each box is delivered in gift packaging with a personalized card. An optional follow-up card is also offered within two months of package delivery. 
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