About us

When a crisis hits a family or friend, one of the first things we ask is, "How can I help?"  

Here For You™ allows friends and family to help their loved ones during life's toughest life experiences. Our Compassion Packages include practical household items that are tastefully presented - offering a useful and thoughtful alternative to the customary flower bouquet or fruit basket. When a person is going through a poignant, challenging transition in their life, they shouldn't have to worry about running to the store for the odds and ends that keep their household functioning. Here For You offers practical compassion - a way to show you care while also being helpful. 

Our site hosts a blog written for the grieving and their supporters, where you'll find both stories of grief and strategies of support.  

We're sorry that you or someone you know is hurting, and our great hope is to offer some small measure of comfort during this difficult time. 

Our team

We are a family business. Our experiences with expected and unexpected loss, short- and long-term illnesses inspired us to change the way people talk about and acknowledge grief, loss, and critical illnesses.  

Kellyn Shoecraft & Nate Stell, Co-founders 


Kellyn's father, Tim, and sister, Alison who died in 2004 and 2017 respectively.