About Us

Why Here For You?

    When a crisis hits a family or friend, one of the first things we ask is, "How can I help?" We don't want our loved ones worrying about running to the store for the odds and ends that keep their household running. 

    Here For You delivers practical compassion — a way to show you care while also being helpful. 

    Our Compassion Packages are fully customizable grief gifts and include a wide range of products from household essentials to self-care items, snacks, drinks and books. They are tastefully presented in gift packaging, and offer a useful and thoughtful alternative to the customary flower bouquet or fruit basket.

    What Makes Us Different

    1. Our boxes are fully customizable and simple to build.
    2. Every box includes a personalized message of your choosing
    3. Each order includes a follow-up card sent to Compassion Package recipients 6-8 weeks after package delivery.  
    4. Packages are tastefully packaged and appropriate for the occasion. 
    5. We do not include packing slips/prices with any of our orders. 
    6. We continually update our support pages and blog to assist those living with loss and those who wish to support them. 

    Our Team

    We are a family business. Our experiences with expected and unexpected loss, short- and long-term illnesses, inspired us to change the way people talk about and acknowledge grief, loss, and life's hardest transitions.  

    Kellyn Shoecraft & Nate Stell, Co-founders  


    The loved ones who inspired us to start Here For You: Tim Shoecraft, Alison Zingaro, and Nancy Stell-Kiely. 

    Kellyn's father, Tim, and sister, Alison, who died in 2004 and 2017 respectively. 


     Nate's mom, Nancy, died in 2011.