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I am so grateful that here for you exists because it’s a simple yet beautiful way to send a loved one self care remedies and support during a hard time .

Here For You
Christina Jung

The most amazing service— thoughtful, timely, cost effective— I will be using this service for years and years to come.

Such a unique, thoroughly, caring experience. From start to finish I would highly recommend here for you!

Here For You
Flaminia Mangone

This is my second time using Here For You for a grieving loved one and I will continue to return. The personalized and attentive customer service you provide is outstanding and so comforting in times of distress for the people I care about the most. I especially appreciate the option for hand-written cards (and the cards themselves are beautiful and artistic) and your follow-up card option for the bereaved.

Here For You
Melinda Lim
Here For You is MAGIC

I recently found Here For You when searching for gifts to give to one of my best friends who is about to experience the first anniversary of the death of one of their parents. I built my own care package and I honestly I had a difficult deciding what things to include because all of the gift options are amazing. My friend's mom was an artist and so I found quite a few options that were creative (like coloring books) that I felt could honor her life and also just self care options I felt could be supportive (the shower steamers are such a great gift option!). The customer service is excellent - shout out to Kellyn who emailed me personally to let me know my care package with my handwritten note was on the way. My friend who got the box could feel how heartfelt it was. I plan on ordering more care packages in the future! And as someone who is also grieving the death of parent and a pet in rapid succession, I've found just the fact that this company exists to be so comforting. Thank you for seeing the grieving and supporting us! And aiding those of us who want to care for the folks in our lives who are grieving!

LOVE this company. I have sent gifts multiple times - they are unique, personal, and the customer service is amazing. The fact that notes are offered a few weeks after a gift is sent speaks to their understanding of the grief process.

Here For You
Allison Karamatic

Here For You is the best gift package services out there! They have so many different options to pick from and if not you can create your own box! There are tons of options to pick from to fill the box to help with all sorts of pain and to help keep you distracted at times. The person I got the box for absolutely loved it and it was so special for her to receive. She said she is telling everyone about this site and to us it!! I also really like how they do a follow up for the person grieving and the person who ordered the box! The email reminders are really nice as well!

I am grateful to have found Here For You and thoughtful grief packages of care. Thank you for changing the grief world by helping people in this process feel more seen, heard, less alone. The level of personal care with each purchase is such a nice touch and reminds me of walking into a local store, even though all of our transactions and communication has been virtual. Thank you for a great experience overall.

This is the perfect service to help YOU help a friend! I wasn't sure what to do or where to start and the ideas and packages were perfection! Thank you for having something that we could customize so easily.

Here For You is one of the most intentional and thoughtful ideas. Every step of the experience was simple and I felt guided the whole time. Communication was super fast and my order went out the very next morning. Such a thoughtful gift and the recipient thought so too. Thank you Here For You!

Here For You
Olatokunbo Laniya

I am truly grateful to Here For You for this invaluable work that you do. When loved ones are going through such a difficult time of loss, it is wonderful to know that a company will take the time to provide quality, customizable products, follow up letters and care and attention. My friend was truly moved. Thank you!

Here For You has a great selection of items to create a customized care package. This was exactly what I was looking for and the personal touch from the owners is an added bonus. The recipient loved every item in the care package.

Here For You

The recipients of my gift said it was one of the nicest, most thoughtful gifts they have ever received.

I am so impressed with Here for You. The items available for the care packages are thoughtful. The staff is responsive and genuine. And, the follow-up card is meaningful. I imagine it's challenging to write personal cards to strangers, but I think the follow-up card is this service's greatest strength. Thank you for helping me provide comfort to my loved ones.

Keep doing what you do - its a great concept/company/service!

I’ve never seen anything like this. Personal, unique, meaningful, and such service! I was at a loss on what to do for a friend and this was such a beautiful gift and experience.

Here For You
Marina G.

All the other generic sites basically only offered packages with mugs and blankets—and very little room to write a message. Your offerings were much more aligned to what I was looking for. Plus I prefer supporting small businesses over the generic big box sites AND the handwritten note was such a beautiful touch. I don’t know you guys, but I love you all.

Here For You
Lisanne Petracca

I have been the recipient and sender of multiple "Here for You" packages over the years, and the package contents (ranging from useful to delicious to rejuvenating to fun) have provided sparks of joy in otherwise very dark times. I could not recommend this small, female-led, eco-conscious company more highly to help friends and family who are suffering.

Here for You" is a wonderful service addressing such a specific and complicated need. The customer service team was responsive, attentive and deeply empathetic. I felt lucky to have found this option to show support for my dear friend as her mother transitioned. Grief is so impossibly complex and I am profoundly appreciative to have this resource for myself and my chosen family.

As someone who lost a parent at 19 and had many awkward "let me know how I can help!" conversations in the immediate aftermath, I really appreciate how easy Here For You makes it to support a grieving loved one in a tangible way. The selection of care package items includes unglamorous, functional things like paper plates, which is so unexpectedly thoughtful. I especially loved the inclusion of a follow-up card in the care package purchase!

My gift was much appreciated, and I loved how easy it was to customize a package. I will definitely use this service again

[The recipient] seemed genuinely pleased with the gift.

The fact that I could curate the box and the hand-written note all seemed more personal than other options I saw. I also like supporting small businesses. The personal emails and follow up notes were unexpected and elevated your service. Your service fits a nice market beautifully and the gift was very well received.

I work in human resources, and was looking for an alternative to sending flowers for illness or bereavement. When you experience a loss, everyone sends flowers. Here For You is a great alternative to support folks with self care in a time of need. We've had incredible feedback from employees on the care and support they felt from receiving this thoughtful gift.

When you feel helpless and don't know what to do to help your loved ones during a terribly difficult time, I highly recommend Here For You. I loved that this gave me a way to send a care package (that was not flowers or a plant to have to care for) full of self-care and comforting items that my friend could actually use, along with a personalized note. I also have been incredibly impressed with the customer service and level of care that Kellyn provides both for the recipient as well as the sender.