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I am so impressed with Here for You. The items available for the care packages are thoughtful. The staff is responsive and genuine. And, the follow-up card is meaningful. I imagine it's challenging to write personal cards to strangers, but I think the follow-up card is this service's greatest strength. Thank you for helping me provide comfort to my loved ones.

Keep doing what you do - its a great concept/company/service!

I’ve never seen anything like this. Personal, unique, meaningful, and such service! I was at a loss on what to do for a friend and this was such a beautiful gift and experience.

Here For You
Marina G.

All the other generic sites basically only offered packages with mugs and blankets—and very little room to write a message. Your offerings were much more aligned to what I was looking for. Plus I prefer supporting small businesses over the generic big box sites AND the handwritten note was such a beautiful touch. I don’t know you guys, but I love you all.

Here For You
Lisanne Petracca

I have been the recipient and sender of multiple "Here for You" packages over the years, and the package contents (ranging from useful to delicious to rejuvenating to fun) have provided sparks of joy in otherwise very dark times. I could not recommend this small, female-led, eco-conscious company more highly to help friends and family who are suffering.

Here for You" is a wonderful service addressing such a specific and complicated need. The customer service team was responsive, attentive and deeply empathetic. I felt lucky to have found this option to show support for my dear friend as her mother transitioned. Grief is so impossibly complex and I am profoundly appreciative to have this resource for myself and my chosen family.

As someone who lost a parent at 19 and had many awkward "let me know how I can help!" conversations in the immediate aftermath, I really appreciate how easy Here For You makes it to support a grieving loved one in a tangible way. The selection of care package items includes unglamorous, functional things like paper plates, which is so unexpectedly thoughtful. I especially loved the inclusion of a follow-up card in the care package purchase!

My gift was much appreciated, and I loved how easy it was to customize a package. I will definitely use this service again

[The recipient] seemed genuinely pleased with the gift.

The fact that I could curate the box and the hand-written note all seemed more personal than other options I saw. I also like supporting small businesses. The personal emails and follow up notes were unexpected and elevated your service. Your service fits a nice market beautifully and the gift was very well received.

I work in human resources, and was looking for an alternative to sending flowers for illness or bereavement. When you experience a loss, everyone sends flowers. Here For You is a great alternative to support folks with self care in a time of need. We've had incredible feedback from employees on the care and support they felt from receiving this thoughtful gift.

When you feel helpless and don't know what to do to help your loved ones during a terribly difficult time, I highly recommend Here For You. I loved that this gave me a way to send a care package (that was not flowers or a plant to have to care for) full of self-care and comforting items that my friend could actually use, along with a personalized note. I also have been incredibly impressed with the customer service and level of care that Kellyn provides both for the recipient as well as the sender.

Here For You
Irene L.

I had never heard of Here For You before. I stumbled upon the website and immediately felt the company really understood how to help people going through difficult situations. It's a family business that wants to help others. I felt relieved to find a place that crafted unique packages for those in distress. The whole experience of purchasing was very personalized and provided the purchaser as well as the receiver additional support options and groups. After my package was delivered the receiver told me it was amazing and that she loved it!

When I found your website I cried. I wish someone had sent something like this to me a few months ago when my mom died. I didn’t want my friend to feel the same way when she lost her dad.

I received a Here For You compassion package from a dear friend after my beloved Mom passed away. The personalization and care given to how the contents were arranged and the message in the handwritten note meant so much to me in such a vulnerable, exhausting time. I deeply appreciated the resources on grief and the children's book that came wtih my Compassion Package. When someone I cared about lost their loved one I felt that a big way that I could show up for them was through a Compassion Package. Here For You is now my primary way to extend my support to friends who are going through a hard experience.

Here For You
SunnyKim Schoren

I cannot express how impactful your Compassion Packages have been to the recipients. The thoughtfulness of the pre-selected items along with personalized add-ons allowed me the opportunity to support their individual needs.

Here For You
Victoria S.

My internship sent me a Here For You package in January of this year (2022) when my father passed away unexpectedly and the books and other items were (and still are) so helpful for grieving the loss of a parent. When my coworker’s dad passed, I immediately thought of the package I received and had our coworkers chip in to get her a package for her as her father’s passing was also unexpected. The package brought me a lot of comfort and the items curated for the boxes are so thoughtful and helpful throughout the grieving process. I highly recommend these boxes for anyone who has lost someone.


This store provides a beautiful service to help us in the most difficult of times.

Loved the ability to customize with atypical gifts. Did not want to send a generic fruit basket.

This felt personal and comprehensive - I live really far away from my close friend who lost her mother and it was nice to be able to put things together with ease

would highly recommend this for anyone who grieving or going through a difficult time. The product variety and quality is amazing and being able to build a special care package was exactly what I was looking for. I loved being able to pick a card as well (so much better than chain store cards!!) and having my note handwritten. My order was shipped same day and the seller was in contact with me personally throughout the process. The recipient was so surprised and happy with a care package after a close family member death. It really helped her to relax and get away from it for a little bit. I will absolutely order from again. Thank you Kellyn!

Here For You has been an amazing resource for showing love and support to those who are experiencing a loss and/or grief. The various items you can use to personalize a package for someone is great, to include the books, candles, and simple things like a box of tissues or roll of toilet paper. I also love and appreciate the care, love and attention that is given in the packages, to include the follow up cards. Here For You is truly, "Here For You."

I received this as a gift after my father’s passing and it was such a unique way of sending care. I loved it and when the unfortunate opportunity to send one to a friend occurred, I sent one. I think the care package is an amazing thing and the amount of customization is incredible. The bonus of supporting a local vendor is also important.

I am very pleased with this service. The package was delivered promptly and the recipients were grateful. The follow-up compassion card is a beautiful addition that hopefully makes the revisionists feel continually cared for. Thank you, Kellyn!!

I was so grateful to find a company that authentically and gracefully met the needs of comforting a friend during a great tragedy. The care package was just perfect - a mix of R&R plus some long-lasting items that will sustain her through the stages of grief. The follow-up card is such a lovely touch. This is the definition of customer service from a lovely small business.