Free Reminders to Support Friends in Grief


Don't drop the ball on the bereaved.

The story of the newly bereaved often goes something like this: there’s an initial groundswell of love and support, and then before they know it, everyone’s swept back up in the busyness of their lives. The calls, visits, and lasagnas peter out pretty quickly.

The thing is, we all know that grief doesn’t abide a tidy schedule. Especially in the first year after a loss, each passing season, birthday, and holiday often strikes with fresh poignancy.

Why do we leave people we care about hanging in this way?

I think there are two main reasons:

  • We forget
  • We don’t know how to be around each other’s grief (what to say, do, etc.).

Making acts of remembrance and support easier.

The good news is that forgetfulness is easily solved with simple reminders, and even the harder problem of how to show up isn’t as hard as you might think. A timely text ("Thinking of you today."), or a gentle, consistent dinner invitation can go a long way to making the bereaved feel seen.

That’s why we created a free service to make it easier for you to show up when it matters most by:

  • Reminding you by email when key dates are approaching in your bereaved friend or loved one’s life
  • Offering you helpful suggestions for how to show up in the occasions.

Sign up below if you’re interested! You have our solemn no-spam promise. Let’s change the way we support each other in grief, one reminder at a time.



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