After Your Loved One Dies By Suicide


With so many calls to action of how to help someone who is thinking of suicide, I can't help but think of how painful these reminders can be for someone who has already lost a loved one to suicide. 


5 people standing below text that reads, "For the parents, siblings, children, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, grandchildren, friends, classmates, colleagues and neighbors who have lost someone to suicide."

One of the stick figures stands below text that reads, "September brings so many messages for suicide prevention." Three text bubbles coming from off screen read, "If you know someone who is struggling, check on them frequently." and "Support them in finding a great therapist." And finally, "Do you know their plan? If so, do your best to keep them safe."

Same stick figure is now with text that reads, "You may have done this and much more and your person still died. Or maybe you didn't realize your person was suicidial. Maybe you're furious with the person who died. Which can make Suicide Prevention Month with all of its reminders of how to help people enduring a mental health crisis extra painful."

The original stick figures, 5 total, are standing holding pictures of their loved ones who died. There are three points in different color bubbles. The first says "Their death is not your fault." The second reads, "It's not a measure of how loved they are." The third says, "It's no indication of their love for you."


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