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There are a lot of complicated emotions after the death of a parent, and it's not just around dating and the potential of a new stepparent. Some find themselves being enormously sympathetic or resentful of the surviving parent, or even feeling relief when a parent dies (and here's one more example of relief). 

A yellow stick figure has an angry expression below text that reads, "My mom died almost 8 years ago and my dad has been dating the same woman for three years. Even though she is a nice person, I absolutely hate her!"


Angry yellow stick figure with crossed arms says, "Everything she says annoys me. To this day, her presence just reminds me that my mom is dead. I resent her and wish she were out of my life." The annoying girlfriend is pink and says, "Your dad can be such a hootie tootie!"


Angry yellow stick figure but you only see the upper face. Text reads, "And if one more person says, "But she makes your dad happy!""


Explosively angry stick figure shouts, "I'm going to lose it"

If you have a grief-related to confession, you can submit it anonymously here. Check our Instagram page for future #HiddenGrief posts. 

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