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Looking through photos used to be a private experience (unless you're from a family that brought out vacation slides to share during a casual dinner party). 

Now our devices frequently prompt us to relive experiences from the past and those memories are often out there for public consumption. 

Here is one reader's experience with Facebook memories. I also have my own experience, and tips for others on how to engage with people on social media after loss.  

A stick figure is looking at a screen shot of a Facebook memories header. The person says, "I have a really hard time with Facebook memories."

Stick figure is sliding down a gray hill. They say, "On the one hand, I want them to come up. I want to remember. But! I hate that if I like them or comment on a picture of my sister, every single person starts to engage."
Stick figure has falen at the bottom of the slide. Text reads, "It feels intrusive."
Stick figure is looking through 'supportive' comments from others like "We don't understand now, but everything happens for a reason. Praying for her every day." Stick figure says AND it feels like pity. I don't want pity.
Stick figure is holding phone and looking at a picture of them with their sibling. Text reads, "I want to be able to interact with my memories and for everyone else to shut the F up."
If you have a grief-related to confession, you can submit it anonymously here. Check our Instagram page for future #HiddenGrief posts. 
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