The Griever's Guide to Thanksgiving

Surviving Thanksgiving When You Can't Do Thanksgiving...because your person is dead and holidays are stupid

Tip 1: Try someting totally knew. Don't feel pressured to stick with traditions. Creating a new experience will reduce the direct comparisons to previous years. Here three stick figures are talking about eating Pizza for Thanksgiving.

Tip #2: Travel somewhere or do something touristy at home. Image shows a stick figure sunbathing on the beach under an umbrella.

Tip #3: Stay home (and off social media) and pretend it's an ordinary day. Image shows a stick figure on a couch indoors watching Friends on an iPad.

Tip #4: Spend time outside — either by yourself or with someone you can trust. Image shows a stick figure walking outdoors at sunset with a dog.

One day you may feel ready to return to your traditions, to honor your person, or to incorporate something new that works. Image shows the original three stick figures at a future thanksgiving (hair styles/lengths change) eating pizza with their turkey and pie.
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