(trying to) Explain the Inexpicable: Why Grief is so Tiring


Losing sleep after someone dies is definitely a thing. But it wasn't my thing. 

Yes, sleep in the early days were near impossible. I had to put on a TV show in the background..a show that was not too funny, but funny enough. A show that was comforting and familiar, but had no associations with my sister (I chose How I Met your Mother). The volume had to be low enough to go to bed, but loud enough that I could just make out the dialogue. The goal was to give my destroyed brain a moment of respite so that it could slip into unconsciousness. 

This didn't stop me from waking, usually several times a night. Both because I would be startled from sleep and instead of adjusting my pillow, I'd remember my sister was dead and I would sob, or because my daughter was still nursing and she would cry for me, and I walk to her and remember my sister was dead and I'd sob.

Within a couple of weeks, my sleep schedule was close to normal. The wakings in the night no longer left me crying into my pillow for hours at a time, but I was still so tired. Bone deep tired. Barely functioning tired. 

I think that the bereaved are not tired because of lack of sleep, it actually has much more to do with all that happens when we're awake. 


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