Collection: Death of Immediate Family Member

When life has been upended, our practical Compassion Packages are useful for the people most directly affected. They come in two sizes — The Camellia is our large box and The Sweetbriar is our smaller box.

These Compassion Packages are most appropriate for the immediate family (parent, sibling, child or partner) of the person who has died or the person (and/or their caretakers) who was injured, diagnosed, or experienced a breakup. These alternative sympathy gifts are for the people who will likely have trouble completing the day-to-day tasks and would benefit from having household essentials on hand. Going to the store in the first days and weeks after a life-altering event is a painful is a dreaded and difficult task.

Our self-care Compassion Package, The Zinnia, is also appropriate. Particularly if you believe the individual or their family is well-stocked in household essentials.

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