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Memory Book Tips

Early in grief, there are those who throw themselves into photos and memories, and there are others who choose to wait...sometimes months or years (and for a few, they never return to photos and mementos).

This book can be a place for you to keep the items you never want to forget. 

Let me clarify; you will never forget your person, but you may, one day, forget to remember some of the things that made them who they were. You may forget their habit of leaving the kitchen cupboards open, or how they always ended their phone calls with, 'tootle loo, love you!'

Making this book may be incredibly painful. It may be incredible cathartic. Both are ok. 

First, if you do not feel ready to work on this book now, here is one thing you can do now that may help you whenever you're ready:

Craft a list of the little things. A particular piece of clothing they wore, their favorite dessert, their coffee order, the joke they always retold. No detail is too small

 Other things you may want to do, besides adding your own pictures:

Include non-picture mementos. Tickets, notes or cards they wrote you (or anything that has their handwriting).