Modern Loss Handbook - About

Modern Loss Handbook cover. A little yellow cartoon sailboat in an ocean with waves.

The Modern Loss Handbook is the invaluable resource that Rebecca Soffer, author and co-founder of Modern Loss, yearned for when she faced the loss of her parents. Drawing from her own journey, expert insights, and the global Modern Loss community, this book is a lifeline for anyone who has lost their cherished person or seeks to provide a truly meaningful and practical gift to someone grieving. Rebecca's warmth, wit, and disarming humor make this guide a compassionate and accessible companion through the myriad stages of loss.

The Modern Loss Handbook seamlessly creates a welcoming space for the evolving thoughts and emotions of those in grief, offering a personalized roadmap toward resilience. The author underscores a powerful realization: that navigating one's grief is a personal responsibility. There's no room here for toxic positivity or unrealistic notions of finding gratitude in everything. In the inevitable event of losing someone significant, the notion of "moving on" on society's predetermined timetable proves unrealistic. What does work is addressing the often avoided aspects of grief in public discourse and maintaining a continuous space for our losses. After all, relationships don't cease when someone passes, and life holds immense potential for significance even after loss.

This interactive and beautifully illustrated handbook equips you to honor the memory of your loved one, handle emotionally charged days, balance your professional life, and navigate both new and existing relationships. It doesn't offer judgment, clichés, or empty reassurances. Instead, you'll find prompts, amusing cartoons, creative projects, innovative rituals, therapeutic exercises, and expert guidance—all designed to help you navigate the unique, tumultuous journey of grief on your own timeline.