Sunday Mourning

If you are interested in sharing part of your story but would prefer not to take over an Instagram account for a full week, or you would like to submit a story anonymously, the Sunday Mourning feature may be a great choice for you. 

Sunday Mourning

Each Instagram takeover run weekly from Monday - Saturday. Every Sunday, 1+ stories will be highlighted within a feature called Sunday Mourning. Posts must be submitted in advance and will be posted on your behalf (this is not an account takeover). 

 Guidelines for submission:

  • Here For You will review stories and publish those that will best serve the community.

  • We will notify you by email if your story will be featured.

  • Because of space constraints (just 400 words), we recommend that your post focus on one specific story or feature of your person or experience. For example, you may choose to share a special memory about a parent, the days after your sibling's death, or to write about what it was like to hear your child's diagnosis.

  • Posts should be no longer than 400 words - there's very little wiggle room in Instagram land!

  • Stories may be edited for length, clarity, grammar, etc. We will send you a final copy of your post for approval before it is shared.

  • If your story is accepted, we will contact you to submit a photo. It is helpful to include a photo where it is obvious to the reader who your person is (e.g., if you are telling a story about a parent, a photo of you and your mom or dad would be obvious - but a group shot with many adults will be confusing).
  • No plagiarizing and please submit original content 

Click here to submit a story about your parent

Click over here to submit a story about your sibling.

And click here to submit a story about your child.