What's Your Grief? - About

What's Your Grief? Book Cover on a blue table

This thoughtful and approachable collection of 75 insightful lists is designed to guide anyone facing change or loss, crafted by the authors behind the beloved What's Your Grief online community.

Life's twists and turns, whether monumental or subtle, can upend our world. What’s Your Grief? extends a supportive hand to navigate them all.

From the loss of a loved one to a career shift, breakups, relocations, and all the ebbs and flows in between, Eleanor Haley and Litsa Williams, mental health experts, offer a profound exploration of the intricate, yet universal, journey of grief.

Within the pages of What’s Your Grief?, you'll uncover engaging and informative lists, encompassing to-do lists, avoidance strategies, bucket lists, interactive lists, and more. These lists will unveil:

• Five Lesser-Known Insights on Grief • Four Nuanced Perspectives on Guilt • Nine Suggestions for Expressing Your Needs Clearly • Seven Common Coping Mechanisms • And a wealth of additional wisdom

Grief doesn't follow a one-size-fits-all path. However, this exceptional book is your companion to traverse the unique terrain of your own grief experience, whatever its shape and texture may be."