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In the early stages of grief, it's common to feel intense judgment, especially when you hear others complain about trivial matters or losses that you perceive as less significant than your own.

When I was in the early days after my losses, I would have loved for my greatest hardship of the day to be a flat tire or a broken ankle or a dead distant relative or a package that was lost in the mail. You might think to yourself, "I know what it's like to be at the absolute lowest, I'll never complain about the 'easy' stuff again."

But then, time passes, and you do complain about moldy bread or noisy neighbors. And that's OK.  

I look at it all as a reminder of the pointlessness of judging other people. It doesn't stop me from judging in the moment, but it helps me keep perspective. And this Hidden Grief submission showcases the experience of a judger being thrust onto the other side of the line. 

This is not shared to make anyone feel guilty about their feelings and experiences. The whole point of Hidden Grief is to remind us that all feelings after loss are normal. It's our brains' way of trying to sort through the impossible. After some time, and perhaps with some help, most of us will return to a manageable baseline. Be patient with yourself in the process. 

I had my own similar experience to this anonymous submission when my dog died six months after my sister

If you have a grief-related to confession, you can submit it anonymously here. Check our Instagram page for future #HiddenGrief posts. 

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