Surviving Stories

Here For You hosts supportive online communities focused on personal story sharing. We currently have three public Instagram accounts for surviving siblings, children and parents.

Surviving Our Siblings - #SSOBstories (surviving sister or brother)

Surviving Our Parents - #SSADstories (surviving sons and daughters)

Surviving Our Children -#WeAPstories (We Are Parents)

Surviving Our Friends - coming soon

Each week, a new survivor takes over the account and shares their story in pictures and words. What they choose to share is up to them. 

The accounts are open to the public, and anyone is welcome to follow. Followers may choose to sign up to take over the account for a week to share their story of life with and without their siblings or parents. We provide a tips & procedures document to help you prepare your story, and can also offer email support and guidance if necessary. 

This type of story sharing is an incredible way to connect with other people who get it. It is also a chance to tell your story on your own terms. You are in control. It can be emotionally tiring, but we have received wonderful feedback from storytellers after their experiences.

Sign up process: 

If you are interested in signing up to be a SSOB or SSAD storyteller:

  • Follow the appropriate account depending on your loss (you are welcome to follow both, but siblings will be the only storytellers in the sibling account and children in the parent account). 

  • Click the link in the account profile.

  • Fill out the short survey that is used to get your contact information (for follow up), and a few basic facts to help create a queue.

  • You will hear back from us about scheduling your takeover. 

We hope to start new accounts in the near future. If there's a particular community that you'd like to be a part of, please let us know.

Sunday Mourning Feature

Each Instagram group also includes a Sunday Mourning feature. Every Sunday, between account takeovers, we will feature one-time posts from community members. To find out more about these posts, or to submit your story, click here.