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Cooke Tavern Soup

Cooke Tavern Soup

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Cooke Tavern soup mixes are hand packaged using only high-quality air and freeze-dried vegetables, herbs, and spices. All are free from preservatives and artificial flavoring. By adding just a few easy-to-find fresh ingredients from your pantry or fridge, your meal can be ready in as little as 30 minutes.

Country Vegetable: This rich, colorful medley of freeze-dried vegetables includes carrots, green beans, corn and peas and some wonderful spices. Add some canned diced tomatoes and chopped cabbage for a meal that the entire family will enjoy. This soup can easily be made into a chicken or beef vegetable, or keep it vegetarian.

Corn ChowderCooke Tavern Soup's best-selling soup for over 10 years! Featured on the TODAY Show with Giada De Laurentis and Al Roker! This chowder boasts a ‘fresh off the cob’ taste by using only the best SuperSweet freeze-dried corn.

Minestrone: This classic soup is a staple of traditional Italian cuisine. Our unique blend of freeze-dried zucchini, pinto beans, carrots, pasta, and spices captures that Italian tradition. Add crushed tomatoes, cabbage, and sausage to make this classic zuppa!

Tomato Basil Bisque: A classic tomato soup with a spectacular gourmet flair! Simply add broth, diced tomatoes, and cream to create a culinary inspiration for this time-honored soup.

Fireside Supper Bean: This classic 15-bean soup makes the kitchen smell as heavenly as it tastes! Add a can of crushed tomatoes, ham, kielbasa, or chicken for a hearty meal. Serve with a warm loaf of bread and a dollop of sour cream and your meal is complete

Black Bean Chili: A traditional medium spiced chili with nutritious quick-cook black beans and south-of-the-border spices makes this a sure hit with chili lovers. Add crushed tomatoes, simmer for a hearty meal. Leftovers make a fantastic taco salad!

French Onion: A savory mix of flavors. Load each bowl with croutons and melty Gruyère cheese and broil for the perfect meal.

Butternut Squash Bisque: Rich, comforting and loaded with flavor. Creamy butternut squash, carrots and ginger along with a hint of nutmeg make this a comfort soup throughout the winter season. Just add broth, potatoes and a cup of cream to cook up this delicious healthy and nutritious soup.

Made by Cooke Tavern Soups in Spring Mills, PA


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