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Dead Moms Club by Kate Spencer

Dead Moms Club by Kate Spencer

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Kate Spencer lost her mom to cancer when she was 27. In The Dead Moms Club, she walks readers through her experience of stumbling through grief and loss, and helps them to get through it, too. This isn't a weepy, sentimental story, but rather a frank, up-front look at what it means to go through gruesome grief and come out on the other side.

An empathetic read, The Dead Moms Club covers how losing her mother changed nearly everything in her life: both men and women readers who have lost parents or experienced grief of this magnitude will be comforted and consoled. Spencer even concludes each chapter with a cheeky but useful tip for readers (like the "It's None of Your Business Card" to copy and hand out to nosy strangers asking about your passed loved one).

Here For You's recommendation: This book is great if you've experienced any loss, but especially for those who are missing one or both parents (it's not exclusive to members of the Dead Moms Club...Dead Dads Club members will connect with it too). Kate is witty and while reading the pages you'll feel like you're connecting with a friend on your mutual loss. If you're an old Millenial or a young Generation Xer, you'll especially connect with some of her references to 80s/90s childhoods. 

ISBN: 9781580056878
Publisher: Seal Press
Publication Date: 11/21/2017
Pages: 288
Language: English


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