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Flax Seed and Rice Reusable Heating Pad

Flax Seed and Rice Reusable Heating Pad

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This flaxseed and rice reusable heating pad has a variety of uses. 

  • Warm and place at the end of the bed to provide toasty warmth for your toes!
  • Heat and drape over shoulders for a chilly office or room.
  • Relax into the warmth of the rice pad after a cold day.
  • Freeze and place on your forehead to relieve migraine pain.
  • Warm and place on a sore achy back.
  • Warm and use the heated pad to provide sinus relief or arthritis relief.

The mixture of rice and flax seed provides moist and long-lasting heat. Each pad is handmade by Sehosas with 100% cotton fabric.

4.5 x 11"

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