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Parenting While Grieving Booklet

Parenting While Grieving Booklet

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Brought to you by the team at What's Your Grief — two grief counselors who run one of the most helpful grief websites. 

As a parent, you don’t have the luxury of worrying only about yourself and your emotional well-being. It is your job, in good times and bad, to attend to the needs of your child as well as your own. Putting your child’s needs first is a no-brainer, so when something bad happens, it feels natural to put your own on the back burner.

The purpose of this 20-page booklet is to help parents who are dealing with their own grief balance their needs with the needs of the children in their care. Topics covered in, Parenting While Grieving, include:

  • Modeling and social learning
  • Balancing your needs and the needs of children in your care
  • Helping children find outlets for their grief
  • Coping with your grief
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