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Tales of the Reluctant & Bereaved Entrepreneur | Social Media Edition

Posted by Kellyn Shoecraft on

The other day I realized that over the course of the past month I had barely posted to our Instagram account....

I often fantasize about deleting my Instagram account. My self-control is paltry. In fact, I don't even allow myself to keep the app on my phone. I redownload it every time I want to make a post (but that doesn't stop me from checking on things from my desktop).

I will say that making posts like this, this and this have been incredibly helpful as an outlet for my own grief. I absolutely love the stories shared in the surviving communities. I cling to the connections I make with strangers turned internet friends (and some have become real-life friends) who are grieving.

Instagram, and other social media forums, are designed to mess with brain chemistry. Their goal is to be addictive, and like millions around the world, I am not immune to their tactics. While I love creating content that resonates with people, I don't like the fact that I seem to be evaluating my grief experience by the likes and comments that my posts do or don't receive. And I can't seem to stop myself from the rabbit hole of checking up on reality TV stars...even though most of their posts are showcasing their Fab Fit Fun boxes or Thread Up clothing hauls. Everyone's trying to sell something.

(me included)

There's also the added complication of the fact that I am both trying to keep a business growing AND share my story about grief. How do I do that without seeming like I'm selling my story

(I don't know) 


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